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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need a car to qualify for membership?

A. No, we welcome all enthusiasts for the marque, owners or not. In fact, many join the Club first and then find a car from other members or through advertisements in our publications.

Q. What cars do you cater for?

A. We concentrate on any vehicle that has a " Standard" badge, whether built in Coventry or anywhere else in the world. Also, many of our members own vehicles which were built using Standard parts, for example, SS, Jaguar, Morgan, Avon, and Ferguson tractors, If you have an aircraft, for example a First World War Sopwith Pup or a Second World War Mosquito, you would also be welcome to join, but to be fair we have not yet found Standard built survivors!

Q. Can I buy spares for my Standard

A. The marque is badly supported by the classic car trade, so the club tries to help in the sourcing of spare parts as much as it can. Part of your membership subscription is used to finance the Clubs spares warehouses. That means that we will not sell spares to non-members, since in effect members would be subsidising non-members. If you want spares  from the Club you must join.

Q. How many members are there?

A. Membership is steady around 1000 and we have records of some 6000 surviving cars.

Q. When does your membership year start?

A. We have no membership year as such, if you join at any point during the year, membership will last exactly 12 months, then you will be asked to renew.

Q. Who runs the Club?

A. A committee that is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting, which is held in the spring. Please come along. The committee is bound by a formal constitution that is approved by the RAC. Our rules are published here. We are non-profit making and publish accounts annually.

Q. How long has the club been running?

A. We were founded as the "Standard Register Trust" in 1973.

Q. What services should I expect?

A. There is a Independent review of our services here, but to summarise:

We send you a monthly publication, run three spare parts warehouses, run rallies and events for use of the cars, offer technical advice on restoration and repairs and offer discounted membership of the RAC. We have an archive of research material and a range of Standard Regalia to complement your Motoring lifestyle. We have also arranged a special insurance scheme for your Standard that we hope may save you money.