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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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The Benefits of belonging to the Standard Motor Club

(By popular request this page is now available as a PDF to download from here. Please keep copies to give to anyone you meet at shows who might be interested in joining.)

 The Standard Motor Club is the Club that supports all the Cars built by the Standard Motor Company and derivatives made over the 60 year period from 1903 -1963. This leaflet explains the main services that we provide to our members and tells you how to join

The Standard Motor Club is a worldwide Club, run by an elected committee in accordance with a formal constitution drawn up along R.A.C guidelines. Its aims are to promote interest in, use and preservation of, any Standard or Standard based vehicle, though it is not necessary to own a vehicle before joining. We are a not-for-profit organisation.

Club Magazine: There are 12 publications of the "Standard Car Review" each year, mailed free to members and timed to arrive on the first of the month*. A 40 page full colour magazine, the contents include original articles, road test reprints, technical help, rally and show news, Club Spares, members letters, Regalia and Sales and Wants. The Editor welcomes contributions from the members. (* = in the UK only. Magazine delivery elsewhere may be subject to postal delays, outside club control)

Website and Forum: The club's website is not just a static vehicle for advertising our presence to the internet. We were one of the first Classic clubs to build a website. It is a dynamic, lively site that is usually updated several times a week with news, features, cars, events, archives and interesting details. No feature article is ever removed, so it is growing all the time with useful information and photographs. There is also a lively internet forum where owners can seek advice about their cars or technical problems they have and these are usually answered with a few hours. See

Spares Organisation: The Club runs three Spares Stores and together these form the largest stock of Standard spares available anywhere. A proportion of the membership fee is allocated to purchase of spares when they become available. These spares are available for purchase at the lowest possible prices, only to Club members. As demand dictates and resources allow, the Club commissions the remanufacture of items no longer available.

Rallies: The Club organises the Standard International Rally, which is held annually. A number of local rallies or road runs are organised each year to promote the use of our cars. The Club aims to be represented at most of the major Classic Car Shows and members who would like to help in organising such events should make their interest known to any member of the committee.

Technical Help: The Club has a number of "Fellow Owners", for each model range. These volunteers have long experience of their cars and are willing to offer free advice to any member requesting it. Archives: A number of club archivists hold collections of original factory memorabilia, such as sales brochures, workshop manuals, factory photographs, spare parts catalogues, etc. These can assist members in many different ways by providing reference material during restorations and rebuilds. The Club is always interested in material not already held in its archives.

Insurance Advice: The Club is able to offer advice about types of Classic Car Policies that are on the Market and offer introductions to brokers specialising in our cars. Under current legislation the club is not able to recommend specific policies, however members can advise on their own experiences with various insurance schemes. You will find that an insurance valuation of your car, conducted by a committee member of this Club, will satisfy most insurance companies’ requirements for agreed value policies. If the committee member is involved in expense in inspecting your car, for example in travelling, you will be expected to reimburse the costs.

Local Area Meetings: Local Area Representatives are established in a number of areas and these organise local events in which we hope you will participate. If there is no representative in your area, why not volunteer to be one. Any committee member can advise you how to go about it. There are also a number of international sections.

Standard Rescue: The Rescue Officer should be contacted with details of cars and spare parts that are beyond practical use and arrange for them to be given a home in the Club.

Standard Database: A computerised database of all known surviving Standards worldwide is kept, whether the owner is a member or not. Details of your car, if not already known, will be added to the register. Hence members are able to contact others with the same or similar cars, to gain restoration tips and advice.

Vehicle Registration: The Club has a Representative who is a registered agent of the DVLA. If you purchase a car that is not registered on the DVLA computer, he can usually assist by providing dating information or historical records from the Club's archives. This will assist in claims for retention or replacement of original or period registration numbers. Often cars must be inspected and sometimes a small research fee can be payable.

Regalia: Members can purchase a range of Standard Regalia including clothing, books, car badges, key fobs, novelty items, nostalgia publications, workshop manuals, maintenance books, car models and magazine binders. There are also regular sales of one-off items of original factory memorabilia. Full details appear in the Club's publications and on the website.

HMCA Insurance Plans: Through our association with the Hospital and Medical Care Association, SMC members are able to purchase Private Medical and other related insurance at very competitive group rates.

Standard-Triumph Forum: The Club is a member and active supporter of this forum, which co-ordinates and promotes cooperation across all the clubs in the S-T movement and also organises events in its own right.

Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs: The Club is a member and active supporter of the FBHVC. The Federation represents the Classic Vehicle movement in parliament government and the European Union in order to promote the use of our cars.

How to apply: There are two ways to join the Standard Motor Club:

1. Via the Club's online WebShop and choose "Membership Services" or click the join button at the top of any page on the club web site.

2. Please contact the Club’s Secretary at and ask to be sent a membership form.

You will receive a membership pack and your name will be added to the club's mailing list for the magazine. Please allow up to 21 days for processing and delivery.

Remember: The stronger the club, the better we are able to support the Standard marque and ensure the long term survival of our cars. You will therefore find that many benefits are not available outside the club and this is deliberate. If you want to benefit from our services, please join us. The Club is only as good as the sum of the effort put in by all of it’s members, not just the Committee. We welcome you as an active member of our Club. We are keen to continuously improve the Club, so if you have any new ideas or suggestions, please let any Committee member know.

Issue: May 2018