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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Welcome to the Official Standard Motor Club Site -

Whilst membership of other Classic Car clubs is in decline, the membership of this Club is rising month on month. One reason might be our online 24/7 Spares Shop with the largest stock of Standard Spares available anywhere.

Or maybe its because of our active Local Groups, but some think its our regularly delivered full-colour monthly magazine and lively UK wide events programme. -  If you own any Standard, or intend to own one in the near future, you owe it to yourself to join our friendly membership! We welcome owners from any country and our unrivalled Spares Service is available to all.

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Copyright Notice:  Every page on this site contains a copyright notice. We are annoyed at seeing members work and photographs stolen and published elsewhere on the Internet without acknowledgement of the source. For that reason, from now on, more photos will be spoilt. If you want to use material from this site please ask the Webmaster  

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24 April 2014 Roman Centurion in Chester

23 April 2014 West Midlands Rally Cancelled

18 April 2014 Standard International Reminder

17 April 2014 TR & Stag International Weekend

16 April 2014 Membership Renewal

05 April 2014 1920’s Cars for Auction on 16/4/14

04 April 2014 1946 Standard 14 for sale

03 April 2014 1935 Avon Standard Restoration

02 April 2014 South of England Gathering

01 April 2014 E10 Ethanol Article in Classics Monthly

25 March 2014 Flying 8A & 4/8A Buyers Guide

24 March 2014 1926 14/28 Stratford

22 March 2014 NEC Classic Motor Show

22 March 2014 Best of British Transport Festival

22 March 2014 More Drive it Day Events

22 March 2014 Anglia Run

18 March 2014 Killerton Classic Car Show 25-26 May

18 March 2014 Powderham Castle Show 12-13 July

18 March 2014 Beaulieu 17-18 May

16 March 2014 1956 Standard Super Ten

16 March 2014 Hampshire Classic Car Show

14 March 2014 London to Brighton Classic Car Run

11 March 2014 The Flying Pennant

11 March 2014 Standard Dealer in Norwich

11 March 2014 Michel Magnin has sent this quiz

10 March 2014 Standards in Triumph World

09 March 2014 Car Specifications

07 March 2014 Rare Standard video & music

07 March 2014 Special Gemini Show Entry for Members

06 March 2014 1933 Range & Prices poster

05 March 2014 6 cwt Van & Pick-up Truck Brochure

04 March 2014 1938 Standard Flying V-Eight Update

04 March 2014 1936 Standard Brochure  

03 March 2014 International MG & Triumph Spares Day

23 February 2014 AGM Calling Notice

23 February 2014 AGM Agenda

23 February 2014 1948 Standard Flying Fourteen For Sale

23 February 2014 1963 Standard 10 pickup For Sale

23 February 2014 1939 Standard Flying 8 Drophead Coupe for Auction

02 February 2014 New Forest Drive it Day 27 April 2014  

31 January 2014 Proposed New Articles of Association

03 January 2014 Churchill Vintage & Classic Car Show

31 December 2013 Standard Triumph Marque Day

31 December 2013 International MG & Triumph Show

12 December 2013 1935 Avon Restoration

07 December 2013 Standard 14 DHC

28 November 2013 1958 Standard 10 is in the Rallye Monte Carlo Historique

27 November 2013 Epoq’ Auto Event

26 November 2013 Doctor Blake Mysteries now on BBC1

25 November 2013 Christmas Gift Ideas

19 November 2013 2014 International Rally

14 November 2013 NEC Classic Motor Show Report updated 20/11/13

09 November 2013 Gemini Events 2014

09 November 2013 Group Christmas & New Year Dinners (updated)

03 November 2013 New Regalia Items

02 November 2013 Vanguard Train Crash

01 November 2013 A Vintage Standard

31 October 2013 Stonleigh Restoration Show

30 October 2013 1931 Standard Big 9 for Sale

29 October 2013 1935 Standard Light 20 for Sale

19 October 2013 The nights are drawing in ...

11 October 2013 Very Rare 1928 Standard Selby (updated)

11 October 2013 Danish Auction Purchase

10 October 2013 Standard 10 Van on the IOW

09 October 2013 Gold Star Brothers

26 September 2013 Standard Avon Special 2 seater

26 September 2013 Neighbours

26 September 2013 Tim Fox’s Cars

25 September 2013 Chiltern Rally Report

25 September 2013 1928 Standard 9 for Auction

23 September 2013 Beaulieu International Auto Jumble

11 September 2013 Limited Edition Brass Badge

9 September 2013 3 Standard Vanguards for Auction

9 September 2013 Atwell Wilson Museum

9 September 2013 B&W Pictures of Vanguards & Others

8 September 2013 Powderham Show Report 2013

4 September 2013 The NEW Club Car Badge Pictures

2 September 2013 Carl Burge’s Flying 12 Heavy

30 August 2013 International Rally Mini Site Updated

25 August 2013 Chiltern Rally Afloat

23 August 2013 Standard International Rally Pictures

15 August 2013 New Grill & Bar Car Badges Now In Stock

15 August 2013 New Personalised Clothing to be launched at the International Rally

12 August 2013 International Rally in the Press

9 August 2013 International Rally Update

27 July 2013 Price Reduction for Standard Flying 8 and Postwar 8 Stainless Exhausts

23 July 2013 STOP PRESS, late booking still available for International Rally

23 July 2013 New Front Shock Absorbers now available at a new lower price for 8, 10, Pennant & Companion

22 July 2013 Beaulieu Auto Jumble

21 July 2013 Very Rare 1948 Standard 8 Woodie

21 July 2013 1946 Standard 8 Tourer Rebuild

5 July 2013 Triumph World August 2013 Edition

4 July 2013 Standard Built Mosquito

4 July 2013 Womens Motor Rally 1939

4 July 2013 Standard Super10 in Bangalore India updated with more pictures.

4 July 2013 Michael Gough’s 10 at his sons wedding

4 July 2013 French Speaking Help Required

(Updated 5 August 2013)

30 June 2013 Two Standards for auction in Denmark

28 June 2013 Standard Tops Thatcham Show

28 June 2013 Mike Girdwood’s 1948 Standard 14 (updated 21 July 2013)

27 June 2013 Standard Production Figures

27 June 2013 Help required to identify this rear axle

26 June 2013 Brian Shakespeare

24 June 2013 ‘Molly’ the 1929 Standard Teignmouth

23 June 2013 Brand new distributors for Postwar Standard 8, 12 and 14

20 June 2013 SMC 110 Celebration Weekend Report.

20 June 2013 Windscreen Rubbers now available for all 1950's 8,10, Pennant and Companion

18 June 2013 Latest International Rally News

13 June 2013 Forum Login Problems

7 June 2013  Caravanning in the 1930’s Updated 10/6/13

6 June 2013  Heritage Rally 23rd June 2013

6 June 2013  Irish Little 9 information needed

4 June 2013  Welcome to the New Look website.

30 May 2013  The end of an era

30 May 2013  Report on the highly successful East Anglian Rally

30 May 2013  Brake Hoses in the WebShop at a new lower price

30 May 2013  Announcing our Guest at the 54th International Rally

30 May 2013  Garage clearance- dispose of your Spares by means of a Sale at the International Rally

26 May 2013  A well known and reliable Vintage Tourer is for sale

25 June 2013  Here is the latest information about the International Rally in August and an entry form

24 May 2013  As a result of April's AGM, the Committee of the Standard Motor Club now looks like this

23 May 2013  New Product:  BRAND NEW DISTRIBUTORS to suit your 1950's Standard 10, Pennant or Companion

22 May 2013  NEW REGALIA: Don't be without the Club's excellent new  Keyfob

21 May 2013  Spares scheme now has brand new Ignition Coils for your Standard

20 May 2013  Join in these Standard Motor Club events in North Wales this summer

19 May 2013  Pictures from SMC110@STAR90

18/19th May 2013 Beaulieu Auto Jumble Report

28 April 2013  Join the Devon and Cornwall Group at Wadebridge Wheels

27 April 2013 Atwell Wilson Motor Museum celebrate 110 years of the Standard Motor Company  13 & 14 July 2013

26 April 2013 Tony Edgeworth recalls his families association with Standard Cars.

25 April 2013 Postwar Standard 8 Tourer features in June/July issue of Triumph World, now in the Shops

24 April 2013 Keep all your monthly "Standard Car Reviews" neat and tidy in these new design of magazine binder

22 April 2013  New Forest Drive it Day Report

20 April 2013 Brand new sills for your Flying 8 or post war 8

16 April 2013 These Bonnnet and Boot Hinges suit Standard 8/10, Pennant and Companion

14 April 2013 Another Charity Drive It Day event, this time in Scotland

12 Mar 2013 The Articles of Association of the Standard Motor Company Ltd. have been revised and can be obtained from the  "Downloads" Section:

8th Mar 2013 The Bristol and West Classic Car Show is also on the Drive It Day Weekend:

6th Mar 2013 The Club's Drive It Day gathering  in the New Forest is a charity fund-raising event:

4th Mar 2013 NEW WEBSHOP SECTION: Steering and Suspension Components for Pre48 cars now available:

2nd Mar 2013 Brand NEW Door handles now available for Standard 8, 10, Pennant, Companion, Vanguard 1A and Vanguard

28th Feb 2013 Doctor Blake Mysteries: An introduction to the Doctor Blake Mysteries mini-site:


26th Feb 2013 Big Vanguard: Feature in the current edition of "Triumph World". Details here:   

24th Feb 2013 VIDEO: Nick Black talks about his Father and introduces his Biography:


22nd Feb 2013 Change of Hotel venue and Prices for

SMC110, the 110th Anniversary celebrations:


20th Feb 2013 The Articles of Association of the Standard Motor Company Ltd. can be downloaded from the "Downloads" Section of the Website:

18th Feb 2013 NEW SHOWS: The Press Office has  arranged free entry into a number of high profile shows, starting on Easter Sunday and throughout the summer:

18th Feb 2013 EXCLUSIVE SERVICE: The WebShop now stocks a range of Prewar and Postwar Gearbox covers to complete your restoration:

18th Feb 2013 IMPROVED SERVICE: VANGUARD Owners: The Club now stocks over 1500 different Spare Parts for your cars:

16th Feb 2013 NEW SERVICE: 3 piece Clutch overhaul kits available from Club Stores for all 1934 -1948 models

14th Feb 2013 The 5th oldest surviving Standard, a Model J from 1910 is restored in Australia. Read the story:

12th Feb 2013 Standard 8 and 10 Spares shop is re-opening:


10th Feb 2013 URGENT: SCAM WARNING:  

8th Feb 2013 The story of a Standard Dealer from long ago:


6th Feb 2013 The West Midlands Rally is revived for 2013:   

4th Feb 2013 The London- Brighton Run  will raise money for Charity  

2nd Feb 2013 The Anglian Run is hugely popular:   

31st Jan 2013 Join in a local "Drive it Day" in April:  

29th Jan 2013 The MSTG will be at the Event city Show in April:   

27th Jan 2013 This rare Standard 16 hp is repatriated to the UK:  

25th Jan 2013 1919 Model SLS proves itself highly competent in touring Europe:


23rd Jan 2013 Interruptions to our WebShop Service:


21st Jan 2013 The Devon and Cornwall Group will be at Powderham Castle again this summer:  

19th Jan 2013 The Devon and Cornwall Group will be at Killerton House in May:   

17th Jan 2013 Rare and attractive 16 Hp Avon Special Coupe  for sale by Auction:   

15th Jan 2013 Introducing the Club's new Treasurer:   

13th Jan 2013 Archive photo of a Standard Wellesbourne in Ireland:  


11th Jan 2013  Report on the MSTG show at Stalybridge:  

10th Jan 2013 The 1939 Standard Flying 12C is added to the list of new Gearbox Covers now available online:  

9th Jan 2013 Out and About on New Year's day with the Standards in the Devon and Cornwall Group:  

7th Jan 2013 The Devon and Cornwall Group were active after Christmas:  

5th Jan 2013 See the Winter meeting programme for the Devon and Cornwall Groups:


3rd Jan 2013 More Pre48 Spares stock available online: Valves, valve springs and guides:


1st Jan 2013 New stock now available on-line in the Pre48 Spares WebShop: Pistons:   

New Material

Latest Bouquet

Dear Phil

The true benefits of belonging to the Standard Motor Club have come to light with the terrific help that Brian Parkes, the Pre-48 spares officer has given me in sourcing ALL the parts for a complete engine rebuild of my Flying 8 tourer in just  a few days. I urge anyone with a Standard  to join the Club,  they wont be sorry. Darrell Cunningham

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